10 Facebook Pages We Like!



Check out 10 of our favorite Facebook pages.  We commented on what we specifically LIKE about each page below (listed in alphabetical order).  Give the links a click, and you may find you Like them too.

lisa bonchek adamsLisa Bonchek Adams

Lisa writes about living with metastatic breast cancer with courage, candor and sometimes, a bit of snark.  She presents riveting blog posts and Monday Pleads not to forget your own health needs.  Her page is one of the most compelling on Facebook.





We love the logo and the store.  Bling’s Facebook page constantly updates us on specials, sales and store parties.  We feel confident we’ll never miss a thing thanks to the consistency and gorgeous product shots from Bling.




Darien Library

Darien Library

One of the top ten public libraries in the nation, the Darien Library prides itself on customer service in person – or on the web.  All this is evidenced on their Facebook page which lists book clubs, latest books to hit the shelves, details on little known collections and is constantly updated with new and interesting library information.



Darien Social

Darien Social

Darien Social does a superb job of promoting their restaurant through Facebook.  They do not let you forget a happy hour and happily tout bands and DJ entertainment.  Their pictures are always warm and inviting.  Menu items and specials are a cinch to find.




easton place designs

Easton Place Designs

This is a great example of using your Facebook page to promote your business – in this case, fine paper lovelies.  Beautiful photographs of gorgeous stationary, invitations, calendars etc…  are displayed and consistently updated.





The Itty Bitty Bag Company

The Itty Bitty Bag Company produces unique designer handbags and accessories all handmade by Jen St. Jean.  These adorable bags come in beautiful designs and colors.  The variety and creativity is staggering.  Jen updates her Facebook page as fast as she creates bags – no easy task!





Quintessence’s mission is to “Experience, inspire, inform – it’s all about living well with style and substance.”  She promotes her lifestyle blog of special discoveries that make life so much better.  Whatever catches this style maven’s eye is richly displayed in photos and commentary on her Facebook page.




Ridgely's Radar


Ridgely’s Radar

Fashion, Beauty, Books, Recipes and more can be found on Ridgely’s Radar.  Ridgely shares ideas, great finds, books, recipes and anything that speaks to her.  She’s a fashion insider sharing her passion with you – everything from antique baths to the perfect opaque black tights.





Seana Method

The Seana Method – Freedom Through Organization

This delightfully task oriented page gives daily organizational tips – GO! (Get Organized) in doable doses.  Seana encourages tackling the pantry one day and sorting out the linen closet another.  She gives step by step instructions that make these chaotic chores seem breezy.  She includes timely advice like, “Students, now that midterms are over, clear out your folders and store your first semester of work in a box file.”




venture mom


The VentureMom.com Facebook page promotes moms starting their own businesses.  Links to the Venture Mom shop where you can buy the mom’s merchandise are a simple click away.  Other cool offerings are tips on what a
“VentureMom Wears” and home decorating advice.


What all our favorites share is lovely layouts, excellent content and CONSISTENT updates.  Add them to your LIKES and you’ll see what we mean.  Look for future updates to our Fave Facebook Pages and feel free to add yours too!



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5 comments on “10 Facebook Pages We Like!
  1. quintessence says:

    Thank you so much for including me – great group!!

  2. KChick says:

    We agree! We’re excited to share this group with everyone. Proud to be around such social media savvy folks.

  3. Thank you! I am so flattered and is such good company!

  4. Really cold post, highly interesting and skillfully written.. Good Position

  5. Star says:

      3 décembre 2012Bonjour Cynthia,Je souhaite participer au concours, mon bijou préféré est le collier en forme de coeur « Antique Hollowed Heart Pendant Long Chain Ner;kace &raquol.Mecci beaucoup pour toutes tes vidéos qui sont super (tout comme toi et ton accent que j’adore !)

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