Better than Botox!

I hate that I have to put my reading glasses on to read the directions on hair products – in the shower (I know, lather, rinse, repeat, but what if it’s changed?).  It also irks me that I must clutch my readers in restaurants.  When I forget to bring them, I’ve been forced to order the special or “what he’s having.”  I feel chained to my reading glasses and I resent it.  So I’ll be darned, if I have to whip those babies out just to read a text on my iPhone!

TXT L8R = I can’t find my reading glasses.

Luckily, my neighbor, Katie, shared a nifty little tip for the 40+ crowd on the iPhone.  No more reading glasses for iPhone activities.  It is better than Botox for taking years off your age.  Go to:




Large Text

Pick your point size from 20pt to 56 pt.

Voila!  No more reading glasses necessary.  Just keep in mind, the less vision impaired, say the stranger in the seat next to you, will be easily able to read your texts too.  A small price to pay for vision and the appearance of youth.

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