How to lose your job with one tweet.

Tweeting.  It’s a beautiful thing because when done right it can be edgy, timely and informative.  Twitter is the platform that forces you to be make an immediate impact with only 140 characters.  It’s not for the faint of heart.  It’s also not for the poorly organized.

Last night @kitchenaid sent out this tweet during the debate. (Did you follow the debate on twitter?  No?  It was the place to be, I recommend just reading your stream for the next one.  It’s great stuff.)

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So, it’s obvious that a member of the KitchenAid social media team forgot to switch to their personal account.  We all realize this was probably a young, first job out of college, type of kid. It was a simple mistake.  All will be forgiven don’t you think?

No… not exactly.

Working in social media I can handle up to five or more twitter accounts a day.  It gets confusing.  I have acquired a multiple personality twitter disorder.  And yes, I have tweeted from the wrong account. I was lucky,  I wasn’t trying to be an edgy hipster and it was harmless but this KitchenAid mis-step is a great reminder.

So remember, CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT before you hit send.  It seems simple enough, but in this fast paced media world it’s an easy mistake.  Unfortunately one bad tweet can send you to the unemployment line.  At least you will be in good company, it sounds like Big Bird is pounding the pavement too.


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