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Thank you for stopping by Coastal Chick Media – we are so excited to finally be open and ready for business.

Coastal Chick Media started back in 2011 when a friend of mine asked if I could do an assessment of her current business, Easton Place Designs. (Fun side note…  our logo was created by Patti at Easton Place Designs). I created the Coastal Chick Media Assessment to give a visual and numeric view of the business.  This assessment also included specific action points and strategy to push her brand in the desired direction.  I was soon using this tool with other friends and then clients.

During all of this time I was also the Social Media and Office Manager for a company called Rallyverse.  Rallyverse is a social media technology company that tells brands what to say, and when to say it, on social media.  A fun bit of info, the CEO of Rallyverse is my husband.  Yup, I work for my husband.  Fear not dear friends, he works in the corporate office in NYC and I work from my home office.

So how did Jenny Murphy become my partner?  Simple, she applied to work at Rallyverse and I stole her.  Jenny dropped her resume in my mailbox one afternoon after I had been worrying about my workload and the approaching summer vacation.  Once I saw her brand experience I decided to steal her for myself.  Jenny has experience that is a great compliment to my own.  She’s incredible smart, organized and I must add a wonderful friend.  Without Jenny’s resume in my mailbox Coastal Chick Media would still be a small service I offered to friends and Rallyverse clients.

Jenny and I have been working since last May to streamline our focus and service offerings.  After a long hot summer, and many nights of working dinner and drinks, Coastal Chick Media is Open for Business.

Welcome to Coastal Chick Media, we are here to make Social Media easy.


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